Best Brunches

Yogurt Bar: Load it up with all the fixin's! Granola, fruit, sprinkles, nuts, seeds... yogurt bar 

Donut Bar: hang 'em, stack 'em, dunk ' can't go wrong!

Bacon Bar: Enough said...

French Toast Bar: These great finger french toast cups will make for happy tummies!

Juice Bar: Everyone loves a glass of fresh squeezed juice! Dress it up even more with fresh fruit options.

Bagel Bar: Offer a breakfast favorite with delicious bagels. Plain or flavored bagels in addition to cream cheese, salmon, avocado and other toppings will be a hit! 

Waffle Bar: Fruit, flavored syrups, chocolate chips, powdered sugar...topping ideas are endless.

Finally, not a bar but a perfect Strawberry Mimosa recipe to top off your brunch. Strawberries, Prosecco and orange juice. Yes, please!

Napkin Folding

Napkin folding can help your table be elegant, fun, festive or anything in between. Finding the right fold can be tricky so he have collected a few to get you started. 




You can't go wrong with a simple napkins ring...the flower adds a lovely touch.


If your napkins have a fun edging, a layered diagonal fold could accentuate the edge.

Ribbons, fabric straps or burlap can all be used to tie the napkins.

Baroque Embroidered Monogrammed Cloth Napkins - Set of 4 dinner napkins - White Tulip Embroidery

This summertime pinwheel fold is great for the Fourth of July or a picnic.

How to fold a pinwheel napkin - tutorial - Must Have Mom

The cone fold is great to hold sprigs in the summer, leaves in the fall and evergreen in the winter.

The Cone Fabric Napkin Fold

Have a wedding menu? Fold your napkins in a pocket to hold the menu!

Folded Wedding Menu Monogrammed Cloth Napkins - Set of 4 napkins - White Tulip Embroidery

This bunny fold is perfect for Easter!

Folded Easter Bunny Cloth Napkins  - Set of 4 napkins - White Tulip Embroidery

Celebrating Father's Day or a graduation?  This formal bowtie is all you need!

Choose a heart fold for Valentine's Day or make splash on your anniversary!

One Kings Lane

Tying the knot? This a casual and fun napkin fold which is especially great with a patterned napkin.

napkin fold tie knot

Happy Folding!

Coffee and Tea Mugs

Great Mugs for your morning Cuppa Joe (or Earl Grey)


"I have a mug that actually verifies that I'm the world's best dad. That's a mug. That's not me talking. You can't just buy those." Stephen Colbert


Octopus Mug - Not for those with Thalassophobia (fear of the ocean)


For the creative caffeine addict, this mug allows your coffee and your colors to flow. 

Floral Accented Coloring MugFloral Accented Coloring Mug
Bed, Bath and Beyond


Pure and simple genius. Donut warmer. Enough said.


For all the steampunk fans out there...this one's for you.



 These have been around for a while now but they are such great hand warmers that everyone should have at least one!

Clay In Motion Handwarmer Mug | Ocean Tide

 These modern floral mugs are just so perfect for a weekend morning.


yellow teacup
Nstar Cermaics


We normally think of cermaic for a mug but these wood mugs are gorgeous...perfect for a cabin by a lake!


Look away coffee and tea friends...we are sneaking one in here for hot chocolate fans!

Get out the marshmallows!

Need a little surprise once in a while? These sneaky critters will do the trick.

Desert Tribe (4-Cup Set) Land Creature Cups  - Creature Cups

Let's face it...most of us rarely sit down quietly for a cup of coffee. For a coffee to go without the travel mug feel, these mugs can't be beat!

Stainless Steel 14 oz. Double Walled Insulated Coffee Beer Tea Mugs with Lids - Set of 2

Happy Sipping!

Wedding Gift Wrapping -

10 Gift Wrap Ideas For Weddings

Receiving a beautifully wrapped gift for your wedding can be just as wonderful as the gift itself. We have found some great ideas to make your gift stand out!  


With simple tacks and a bit of fabric you can create a golden monogram for the newlyweds.


Monogram Box
One Kings Lane


Find inexpensive letters at a craft store that you can paint or cover in glitter with the couples monogram. Super elegant and super easy!


Is the couple up for traveling the world? Give them inspiration by recycling a world map for an adventurous gift! 



Buy or make paper flowers with a gorgeous ribbon and great paper. Simple but elegant!


Paper Flower Gift Toppers


Giving wine? No need to buy a bag. Make your own festive wrap!


Sometimes the best wrap is the uniqueness of the box. Try an old paint can or interesting jar for your gift.




Baby's breath just shouts wedding. Use this inexpensive dried flower to make a bouquet instead of a bow.


Use this fun program from Bridal Pulse to create custom crossword puzzle wrapping paper. 


Awesome gift wrap idea using free, edit and print word search paper!


Get creative with paper! An endless number of tutorials are online to teach you anything from heart shaped boxes to origami doves to fun fringe ribbon. All in the name of gift wrap!


Fringe Gift Boxes by Aly Dosdall 3


Don't get hung up on your gift wrap being white. Spring a bit of color into your wrap!


Blue & White Wedding Gift Wrap by ConfettiStyle

After you wrap and deliver your gift, it is time to hit the dance floor!

You Can Inspirational Free Wall Printable

You Can.

 Free Inspirational Wall Art

free printable, free wall printable, inspirational free printable

free printable, inspirational printable, free wall art, you can quote


You can download the printable HERE


If you think you can, you can.

Decorating with Lemons

lemon place setting, decoartating with lemons, lemon decor, lemon table

Lemons are the perfect fruit for cooking and decorating! We have assembled a collection of great tables using lemons.

Lemon Towels

Green Tea Lemonade Recipe

Lemonade with citrus fruits

Flowers and Lemons

Best Brunches

Yogurt Bar: Load it up with all the fixin's! Granola, fruit, sprinkles, nuts, seeds... ...